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Generosity Made Simple!

Is the Church Replacing Israel?

Is the Church replacing Israel? Do you have to keep the Sabbath Day? Marquis takes your questions about Bible Prophecy and introduces the next months series on Bible Prophecy.

What Will The 7 Years Before Jesus' Return Look Like?

The Bible reveals chronological details about the 7 years just prior to the return of Jesus to rule and reign the earth. What can it tell us about events predicted to happen just prior to the resurection and rapture of the church? What 5 things should we be doing to prepare for this time?

Is The Church Dividing?

Nearly every denomination across America is dividing into to two types of churches. Which one are you a part of, and why is this happening? Is this something Jesus predicted would happen? Marquis discusses the things that cause churches to split, and the focus every church needs to maintain unity.

Jesus On The End Times: "The Timing of God's Judgement"

When will Jesus return to judge the earth and those who have rejected Him? What is the difference between man's judgement and God's wrath? How does God's judgement look? This is the final part of our series examining Jesus' words on the end times.

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