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Generosity Made Simple!

The Prophets on The End Times: Joel

The prophet Joel saw what is described what is in the book of Revelation. Marquis reveals how "The Day of The Lord" was seen through the eyes of this Old Testament Prophet, and how that matches perfectly with what God showed the Apostle John in the book of Revelation. Plus, what role will Genetics play in the end-times? Will we be offered the ultimate upgrade: "to be like God?"

The Prophets on The End Times: Jeremiah

What does the book of Jeremiah say about the coming of Jesus Christ? How do our current events and culture mirror those of Jeremiah's time? What are the two types of churches  that currently dominate American Christianity. Marquis discusses how the Prophet Jeremiah's predictions reveal events predicted in the Book of Revelation. What type of church should you be a part of?

The Prophets on The End Times: Isaiah

The prophet Isaiah made many predictions about the first coming of Jesus Christ, but what did he predict about His return? Marquis covers the many themes and predictions in the book of Isaiah that match Jesus' teaching about His return and allow us to better understand the book of Revelation. In the Q & A segment we discuss "Is date setting biblical?".

The Prophets on The End Times: Moses

Did you know that Moses predicted the coming of Jesus Christ? What role does the most famous prophet in Israel's history play in Bible Prophecy? Marquis discusses biblical scenes that show us how God used Moses to reveal what He was going to do through Jesus, and how Moses will be used in the future to bring the nation of Israel the knowledge of their true Messiah.

The Prophets on The End Times: Enoch

Enoch is one of the most interesting prophets in all of Scripture. The book of Jude talks about him, Jesus, John, Paul, and Peter all quoted his writings. Marquis examines how Enoch and his life reveal much about the spiritual realm, the coming Messiah, and the Kingdom of God.

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