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Generosity Made Simple!

10 Current Events Fulfilling Bible Prophecy

There are lots of predictions in the Bible about the End Times, but which ones are happening right in front of us? Marquis details 10 current trends in the news that are actually fulfilling specific Bible prophecies. Discover how these events tie together, and why it's good to know where they are leading according to the Word of God.

The Baby Zoe Story: Marquis' Personal Testimony

Marquis shares the testimony from his family's recent experience: The life and death of his baby daughter (Zoe). What are the blessings God shares with us through trials? How do we prepare for the tough times in life? How can we move forward after a great loss?

Aliens & UFO's In The Bible Part #1 Do They Exist?

This is part #1 of a 3 part series on Aliens. Does the Bible prove that Aliens exist? From the Old Testament to the words of Jesus, Marquis examines the biblical evidence for Aliens and UFO's.

8 Things Every Christian Should Be Watching

Jesus tells us over and over again to "watch and be alert". But what should we be watching for? Marquis shares 8 things that  are predicted to happen just prior to Jesus' return to set up His Kingdom, and how you can share them to alert those around you.

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