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Generosity Made Simple!

The Prophets on The End Times Overview

The Old Testament represents almost 70% of the Bible yet many of us don't know much about what the prophets taught about the End Times. Marquis gives a chronological overview of what 7 different prophets taught about the coming of the Lord and the setting up of His Kingdom, revealing how that information informs our understanding of Revelation and the entire New Testament.

How Aliens and Super Heros Fit Into Bible Prophecy

Is there a reason why there are so many films and TV shows about Aliens, Super Heroes, and humans with Super Powers? Marquis discusses the numerous Bible prophecies that predict this resurgence. Why is this relevant for your future? What is the enemy planning that he's already in the process of selling us? What can you do to resist the Devil's most popular lie: "The Upgrade"?

What Does Bible Prophecy Predict About War?

Jesus taught that the end times will be characterized by "wars and rumors of wars", but what about the details? Two great wars are predicted in Scripture. Marquis examines the nations that will be involved in each one, what their motives will be, and what the results will mean. How close are we to seeing these wars take place? 

The 7-Year "Tribulation" Period Outlined

Marquis describes what Scripture says about the final 7-year period prior to the return of Jesus Christ to set up His Kingdom on earth. How will it start? Will we know when we are in it? What are the key prophetic events Jesus told us to watch for? This program details the general chronology of this important period of concentrated prophetic events.

Alan Kurshner Interview Pt #4

This is the final part of our interview with author and theologian Alan Kurschner. We discuss the Kingdom of God that Jesus taught so much about. What is it, when is it, and what will we be doing? Several views are examined against the backdrop of Scripture.

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