• 8 Things Every Christian Should Be Watching

    Jesus tells us over and over again to "watch and be alert". But what should we be watching for? Marquis shares 8 things that  are predicted to happen just prior to Jesus' return to set up His Kingdom, and how you can share them to alert those around you.

  • Alan Kurschner #4 The Structure of the Book of Revelation

    We continue our interview with author Alan Kurschner to discuss the structure of the book of Revelation. Getting a better idea about how the book is structured helps guides our context for interpretation. In our Q & A segment we discuss the parables Jesus taught about the future in chronological order.

  • Alan Kurshner Interview Pt #3

    Part #3 of Marquis' interview with author/theologian Alan Kurshner focusses on the structure of the book of Revelation. Why not understanding the structure of the book almost always leads to misinterpretation. What is a biblical approach to reading Revelation? How do the parables Jesus taught help us understand the end times?

  • Daniel Chapter 10:11 Verse By Verse Study

    After praying and fasting for 3 weeks Daniel is shown a vision, and given the most detailed information about the future outside of the book of Revelation. Daniel's vision in chapter 10 matches John's vision in Revelation chapter 1, and and is followed by information that ultimately describes the wars and governments that will take shape just prior to the return of Jesus Christ. Chapter 10 gives us perhaps the most vivid picture of spiritual warfare recorded in the Old Testament. Our Word of The Week is: HELP. Marquis shares job opportunities w/Acts of The Word Ministries, Inc.

  • Daniel Chapter 2:45-49 Pt. #2 Verse By Verse Study

    Marquis examines the nature of the final form of world government predicted to appear just before the return of Jesus Christ. Using Scriptures from both New and Old Testaments he sheds light on Jesus' teaching about mankind's final attempt to rule the world. The Word of The Week is: ANTICHRIST. Marquis explores the career and relationships of the world's final dictator.

  • Nelson Walters Interview Part #1: Revelation Dechiphered

    Marquis interviews Nelson Walters about the ground-breaking author's new book "Revelation Deciphered". Several common misconceptions about the book of Revelation are examined.

  • Nelson Walters Interview Part #2: 7 Things That Must Happen BEFORE Jesus Returns

    In Part #2 of our interview with author Nelson Walters, we examine the pattern of seven things that are predicted to happen before Jesus returns. The author reveals where this pattern is repeated over and over again in both the Old and New Testaments. Then shows how these events are expanded and repeated in the book of Revelation.

  • Nelson Walters Interview Part #3: A More Biblical Understanding of The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

    Marquis talks with author Nelson Walters about the first four events that must take place before Christ returns. Common interpretations are compared to Old Testament passages and found wanting. Questions about the Antichrist's control over our economy are addressed from a biblical perspective.

  • Nelson Walters Interview Part #4: The Mark of The Beast & Apostasy

    Marquis talks with Nelson Walters author of "Revelation Deciphered" about the Mark of The Beast, the coming Great Apostasy, and how the book of Revelation reveals a sequence of 7 events that happen prior to Christs return.

  • Nelson Walters Interview Part #5: The Pattern of 7 Events

    Marquis talks with Revelation Deciphered author Nelson Walters about a pattern of 7 events that is detailed in the letters to the 7 churches, and repeated over and over again in the book of Revelation and several other places in the Bible. What is the ultimate application of Jesus' instructions in these letters? Also, an update on Baby Zoe...

  • Nelson Walters Interview Part #6: Details of Daniel's 70th Week

    In part 6 of our interview with Nelson Walters author of Revelation Deciphered, we discover how the letters to the 7 churches in the book of Revelation describe each year of Daniel's 70th Week prophecy (better known as the Tribulation period). The author describes how these letters are ultimately a survival guide for the church during this time period.

  • Nelson Walters Interview Part #7: The Great Tribulation

    Marquis finishes his interview with Nelson Walters author of Revelation Deciphered by focusing on the details of "The Great Tribulation". What do the letters to the churches in Revelation tell us about the final three and a half years before Jesus returns to set up His Kingdom?

  • Rapture: Case Closed? Author Nelson Walters Interview Pt. #3

    Marquis and author Nelson Walters discuss how Matthew 24 fits into the book of Revelation, and Paul's teaching in 2Thess. Is there really a "3rd coming", or is Jesus just coming a 2nd time? The timing of God's wrath and the rapture of the church have never been clearer. And what does Paul mean when he refers to "the last trumpet"? Make sure you understand what the Bible really teaches about these subjects.

  • Revelation 1:12-20 Verse By Verse Study

    John's vision of the risen Christ is examined and compared to other scriptures. In the Q & A segment Marquis tackles the question of "aliens in the end times".

  • Revelation 1:4-7 Verse By Verse Study

    The purpose and premise of the book of Revelation are examined. Marquis answers questions about the Preterist View of Revelation: Why Revelation is all about the "Appearing" of Christ and His future reign.

  • Revelation 10:1-11 Verse By Verse Study

    Revelation chapter 10:1-11 are examined. Who is the "angel", and why is this chapter so important for understanding the entire book of Revelation? In the Q & A segment Marquis addresses how Planned Parenthood may be fulfilling Bible prophecy.

  • Revelation 11:1-19 Verse By Verse Study

    Who are the two witnesses in Revelation chapter 11? When do they perform their ministry? Marquis examines Revelation chapter 11:1-19 this week. In the Q & A segment we look at prophecies that predict how violent the future will be for our children.

  • Revelation 12:1-17 Verse By Verse Study

    Revelation chapter 12 is examined. The Apostle John gives us the big picture of the battle between God and the Adversary, and then puts us right in the middle of it just prior to Jesus' return...

  • Revelation 13:1-10 Verse By Verse Study

    What are the signs of the rise of the Antichrist? What prophetic events must occur before he appears on the world scene. This week in our verse by verse study we examine Revelation chapter 13:1-10.

  • Revelation 14:1-20 Verse By Verse Study

    Revelation 14:1-20 is examined in our verse by verse study. The harvest of the earth and the preaching of the Gospel to all nations are predictions Christ made about His return that show up here in Revelation. In our Q & A segment: How should we handle disagreements about Bible Prophecy?