• Are Today's Headlines in The Bible?

    What current events and stories are actually part of Bible prophecy? Marquis discusses some of the hottest stories that are in the news now:  the recent flood, racial tensions, total eclipse, Korean conflict, and scheduled 9/23/17 astrological event, and reveals how they may or may not relate to Bible prophecies and the return of Jesus Christ.

  • Jesus on the End Times: "What Will The Day of The Lord Look Like?"

    Throughout the entire Bible one theme is repeated over and over again: "The Day of The Lord". It's a day when the entire world will see the Messiah coming with the clouds to met out judgement on the world, and reward those who are His. Marquis looks at the timing and various descriptions of this day. Also, should you and I pay taxes? How biblical is tax evasion?...

  • Revelation 13:11-15 Verse By Verse Study

    The career of the False Prophet is examined. How does the world come to trust this religious figure? How does Islam fit into his plan to deceive the entire world into worshiping the Antichrist? In the Q&A segment we examine "when Jesus says He is coming back for us".